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AquaSafe Verruca Gard review of latex pool socks

AquaSafe guard socks, help to protect feet against verrucae and other foot infections. They are recommended for use in public swimming pools, changing rooms, showers, baths and Jacuzzis.

They have a slip resistant sole and are contoured in shape for more comfort in use. Made from 100% natural latex. AquaSafe guard socks, help to protect feet against verrucae and other foot infections.

They are recommended for use in public swimming pools, changing rooms, showers, baths and Jacuzzis.

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Gather up the guard sock and pull gently onto the foot. Always wear guard socks on the same feet to prevent cross infection.

To make guard socks easier to put on and more comfortable to wear, the four protrusions at the toe end can be removed with scissors. After use wash guard socks thoroughly in clean water. Towel dry and dust with talcum powder. If you are already suffering from a verruca. Guard socks can be worn to keep a dressing dry. Do not remove the four protrusions and use surgical tape to seal around the ankle.

My Conclusion: I’m swimming almost every day in the last 3 months. But recently I started to remember (or my mother reminded me, to better say it) that from the past my feet sole are (or were) subjected to catch verrucas, or other warts unfortunately. In fact, 25 years ago or so, I had to go through a major verrucas removal from the bottom of my foot big toe (see it in the pictures). Believe me when I say that that one, was one of the most painful thing I experienced so far in 38 year. I catched a verrucas that spreaded to over 1 cm in diameter and to remove it (by burning it), my dermatologist had to inject anesthetic liquid before (0.3 mm of my big toe skin was burned away, I’m not going to add any additional details); it took me over two months to recover from it (with a series of medicaments to allow the skin to regrow. The results on my big toe after that small operation are: the skin that have regrown feels like rubber and I have zero feelings, but my big toes is fine and I can live with that).

Basically I catched a verrucas (and few smaller one) and I’m not entirely sure where, but at that time I used to play Basketball four times a week and going to the pool at least once a week with my school, so I was quite often in shower, changing room or at the pool and believe me that I’ve always used slides or flip-flops (even wooden shoes at some point).. Since then I’ve never forgotten the pain of removing verrucas, I never catched another again but anyway I am always extremely careful and never walk or touch, with naked feet, any floor of these places; not even the most clean one. The only place I walk with naked feet is at the beach on the sand.

So I decided that if I was going to swim everyday, I would have to take extra care for my feet even though my the gym it’s very clean (in fact 99.5% of the guys in the changing room walk with naked feet, I’m basically between the ultra small percentage of guys that use slides; even most of the people that goes to the pool walk naked feet).  I guess everybody is lucky not having to worry about verrucas. Myself, I am not so lucky in that regard.

I did some research and I wanted to try these latex socks. Now, the reviews are very varied. A lot of people are happy, other are unhappy. Now let’s face it: these socks are just less than 5£ for a pair, they are quite tight, thin and the latex looks quite fragile that can very easily split, tear apart or break.

Since I got them, I’ve wore them less than ten times: in terms of practicality, I honestly prefer socks like Zone3 (made of Neoprene) because are much easier to put on and quite impossible to break.

My goal is not having to touch the bottom or the pool borders with my feet sole. But the Aquasafe socks or similar, are between those gears that, although save your feet from infections  are quite tedious to wear; it takes a bit of time and patience (not to break them) that basically I always pass from using them (although I am getting better at that). Most the time I am in hurry, I just wear the fins and jump in the water (the Finis Edge fins that I use only leave the heel completely open, so I usually walk tiptoes before I jump in the pool; and once I’m in the pool, I try to avoid touching the bottom with my heel. Anyway, in the pool, the time time I get to rest is very limited (2 or maximum 3 minutes in total to simply remove water from the mask, have a quick sip of water or a quick word with some people; the rest of time I’m swimming, so I don’t get to touch the pool surface for long).

They do the job as advertised, your feet is safely protected, they are comfortable once you’ve worn them and there is just a little water that enter. To remove them it’s quite easy, not a big deal. The only issue is just to get to use them. Also I strongly suggest if you intend to use them, of keeping your toenails short, otherwise they could split very easily and you’ll need to replace them (I’m not sure any medical tape would be enough to seal any holes and be resistant to water).

Frankly, I don’t trust by default the cleaning condition of any public places (gym, showers, pools) therefore I can only suggest to use these type of socks if you intend to swim a lot and most importantly if you have a propensity to catch verrucas or other feet infections. Just be patient and motivated to wear them, remember my painful story and I guarantee you that you will get to use them every time. Again, once you wear them, they are comfortable; just make sure you get the right size, maybe a little bit bigger (as I did, even if some water gets in); they are in latex so quite snug, and once you enter your foot to adjust it’s not that easy at all.

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