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Beach Changing Robe 100% Cotton Poncho review

Developed by Intrepid Outdoors, this toweling robe, 110 cm shoulder to hem, 100% cotton, takes the pain out of drying off and changing while keeping you cozy, warm and dry.

Super soft material, is thicker and more durable compared to a microfiber towel, it has sleeves and hood for maximum comfort. With this towel robe, you can change out after swimming and you leave the beach towels at home.

This robe is perfect to pack for a trip to the beach, swimming pool, or to get dry and warm after any activity. Also can be worn around the home for those lazy days.

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My Conclusion: I bought this towel robe mainly to being able to change from shorts to jammers and have a proper swim in the sea at the beach. With this robe you can change clothes in any places, in total privacy and most importantly, it allows you to change without being helped by somebody that hold a towel around you.

I am a 171 cm tall male, strong build, and for me, there is a decent room inside to change, as well with 110 cm from shoulder to hem, I am not exposing myself at all. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t leave little towel bits on you after drying. I have also washed it a couple of times so far and the colour stays, which is nice.

A real useful towel robe not only at the beach, but also at the pool. You can dry off completely and much faster versus a regular towel. Just wear it on, and within seconds you are done. It also fits perfectly on the back compartment of the Arena Fastpack 2.2, which is a great benefit for me too, so I can carry it with me when I cycle to the Olympic pool at the London Aquatics Centre (15+15 km).

If you can’t find this model available, find a similar one within the same price point or even a bit more expensive, to make sure you get a quality product.

Remember that this towel robe has a wide range of utilisation, not only to change or dry off, but you can also wear it in the house, or keep it on if you intend to spend the evening at the beach, when it becomes chilly, it’s great to wear it (if it’s warm and dry, clearly).

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£ 26.99

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