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Finis Edge review of the racing fins that will let you swim even faster

The Edge fins are designed to improve technique and give your legs a real workout. It takes power to push these fins through the water, which results in building strength and endurance.

The side rails on the fin activate your hips and quadriceps – enforcing a proper kick that starts at your hips  and not your knees.

This motion is great for glute and hamstring development. Made of 100% silicone, Edge fins will mold to your feet over time, like breaking in a new pair of shoes.

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Key Features:

  • Form-fitting silicone: Constructed from a flexible, durable silicone
  • All-purpose cardio training: Designed to increase your endurance and speed
  • Engages key muscle groups: Designed to catch water on the up-kick, activating hamstrings and glutes
  • Technique-focused side rails: Side rails activate your hips and quadriceps
  • Industry-leading comfort: Ergonomic foot pocket embraces natural contours of the foot
  • Increased range of motion: Open heel design increases flexibility
  • Proprietary blade angle: Designed to feel like a natural extension of the foot
  • Prevents toes from jamming: Open toe design allows for a snug fit and prevents chafing.

My Conclusion: The only reasons I am swimming with the fins is simply because they allow me to keep my legs floating and not sinking, so I can push more with my arms.

The first time I tried them I immediately loved them, they are quite comfortable and easy to wear, as well with neoprene or latex +socks (so my feet are not touching the pool bottom).

They are quite lightweight, not cumbersome,  and can be perfectly stored in the bottom compartment of my Arena Fastpack 2.2 backpack.

In regards to the fit, my feet is size 7.5 UK (41.5 EU) and to be completely comfortable I chose the size Large (42.5 to 45). Previously I ordered by mistake size M (41 to 42.5): they were too short and my toes were coming out a bit, so I had to return them to Amazon. My suggestion is to make sure you buy one size over your shoes size. If your feet are quite wide, for what I have gathered from other swimmers, they can be quite uncomfortable.

For my daily activity and to reach my weight loss goal, they are a perfect companion. They allow me to gently move my legs while I am swimming freestyle.

I usually do up to 10 laps legs-only and using the Powerbreather I can just focus on the legs training without using any kickboard; I place my arms on my back.  Anyway, if you are looking to swim faster, they can certainly be fast quite fast if you are looking for speed.

Finally, compared to other swimming fins I tried (Maru, Speedo or Cressi) I can certainly say that I definitely like the Fins Edge way more. They don’t come cheap but I believe they are definitely worth the price.

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Get it on Amazon
£34.99 – £50.00 (select Size)

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