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Hearprotek Silicon Earplugs review, water will never get into your ears ever again

These ergonomic ear plugs are shaped to fit snugly inside the ear and lay flat against the outer ear, more so than flanged models.

They ensures a watertight fit and they are the perfect protection against my ears. Made from soft silicone that is extremely soft and comfortable to insert in the ears and wear during your swimming workout.

The earplugs come with a reusable handy storage case, which you could just shove in your bag along with a pair of goggles to not to miss your pool session. I use this plugs with the Xtrainerz Mp3 Player and the sound quality is absolutely brilliant. Available in orange, green, blue colors.

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My Conclusion: one of the main frustrations I always had in the past, and that always turned me away from swimming, was to get water in the ears especially when turning the head to catch breath. This earplugs combined with the Powerbreather have solved both issues.

Hearprotek earplugs are very comfortable to wear and easy to put in, but most importantly they keep all the water out and at the same time you can still hear the majority of what is going on around. When listening to music with the Xtrainerz MP3 player, the sound quality is also excellent. These earplugs are definitely better than the one complementary with Aftershokz Xtrainers.

I have been using the first pair since 3 months now, and so far I never experienced any kind of itching, scratching or irritation in the ears; they are still in perfect conditions after a 40 minutes daily usage. Also, they are easy to clean.

I never used earplugs before and I wish I had started earlier. I wouldn’t imagine swimming without these and I’m now extremely happy to swim with these. If you plan to swim during winter months, having no water left in your ears after your workout is definitely a big help to prevent flu.

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Get them on Amazon
£ 8.49 (2 pairs)

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