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Jaws Quick Spit review of the best anti-fog liquid for masks and goggles

Anti-fog for dive masks, swim goggles and masks, ski masks etc, basically works it works on anything that fogs (glass and plastic).  

Each bottle contain 30 ml of liquid and guaranties 200 sprays. Made with natural ingredients, hypo-allergenic,  alcohol free, colourless & odourless, it can be applied wet or dry. Simply pump spray one or two sprays and with your finger spread the liquid on the lens (make sure your finder is clean to avoid scratching the lens); finally gently rinse the mask a few times before wearing and make sure no liquid is left to avoid contact with your eyes.

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My Conclusion:  this Jaws Quick Spit really works, point and simple. It was recommended me last year in Mexico by the scuba instructor and it did an amazing job keeping my mask free of fog for an entire dive of 45 min. Even when releasing the leaked water, the mask didn’t fog for the whole time.

In the pool, since I am using a single lens mask, I need to apply at least 2 sprays of liquid and spread it with my finger to cover the entire area, wait few seconds and then gently rinse the mask; another quick spread and I am ready to go. This way, I am able to swim 40 minutes and my mask is not misting up at all. (I tried with a single spray, but that’s not enough unfortunately, anyway even with 2 sprays, the little 30ml bottle can definitely last for at least 90/95 swims). Clearly if you intend to swim for less the 30/40 minutes, a single spray would surely do just fine.

I never experienced any issues on my eyes so far but I am also very careful during the application. My suggestion is definitely to make sure to rinse the lens after you applied the Jaws, particularly if your eyes are very sensible; don’t worry, even if you rinse the lens they will not mist up for a long time.

Finally remember to wash your mask under fresh water at the end of your swim to prevent the liquid from sticking on the silicon skirt of your mask or goggles.

I didn’t try many anti-fog sprays, except the one from Cressi. I got a 60ml bottle of this one (as a backup, lets say), thinking to get a nice deal for just 3.95£ versus the 8.75£ of Jaws for a 30ml. (Jaws is made in USA, on Amazon US it’s cheaper, 3 bottles cost only 17$, a bit unfair).

Anyway, I applied 2 spray of the Cressi liquid, which is much more fluid compared to the thickness of Jaws and the result was definitely not what I expected. After 30 laps, the lens of my Vista Pro mask was fogged for at least 30% and had to stop swimming, so definitely a no go.

Jaws Quick Spit, doesn’t come cheap, but it does an amazing job, and because the last thing I want to do is to pause to clear fog from my mask, it is a must have that is definitely worth the extra price. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find it cheaper in Europe yet.

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