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Powerbreather: Review of the snorkel that will let you swim easier and help losing weight

If your goal is losing weight, but you are not an experienced swimmer or have neck problems, here is the solution.

With Powerbreather symmetric snorkel, swimming becomes effortless because you’ll be breathing 100% fresh air from both tubes and exhale your CO2 from the bottom.

With Powerbreather, you can now focus on the rhythm without stopping to catch breath. You will also find more awareness to your stroke, your technique, and form.

Easy to mount, adjust, and wear, fits any head from about ten years old. Powerbreather is fully adjustable for a snug fit, also with swim goggles or mono lens mask and mp3 player like Aftershokz Xtrainerz or similar.

Using the Powerbreather it is like snorkeling, and it’ll become natural after a few hours of swimming. Just remember to inhale (breath) with your mouth and forget your nose (or eventually use it to exhale).

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€ 124.00 / £ 109.00 / $ 149.99

Key Features: (Wave Edition)
• 1 Powerbreather – innovative breathing equipment with smart Ameo Fresh Air System for 100% fresh air.
• 2 Flip or Wave Caps – for flip turns and particularly high waves
• 2 Speed Vent size S – attachment with valve for swimming pools
• 2 Speed Vent size L – extended attachment with valve for open water
• 1 Soft Case with zipper and vents for safe storage

Product Specifications:
• Product size: 330 x 198 x 38 (mm)
• Product weight: 220 gramm (7,8 oz.)
• Color: white/blue
• Packaging/dimensions: case 335 x 220 x 50 (mm)
• Model number: PB01
• EAN: 4260416991309

I own the Powerbreather Wave Edition, which I recommend to anybody, because it comes with extremely useful extra attachments.

2 longer speed vents (a must for open water swimming) and the 2 flip/wave caps to be attached on top of the speed vents, and will prevent water to get in the tubes (when doing the flip turn or with high waves).

Unlike conventional scuba snorkels or front snorkel, you inhale and exhale through entirely separate channels, ensuring that only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs.

At the same time, the innovative valve technology prevents water from entering the Powerbreather (although I strongly suggest to add the flip caps on top of the speed vents). You can breathe with your mouth as naturally in the water as you do onshore.

Powerbreather is a brilliant innovation for any swimmers, of all performance levels, snorkelers, and triathletes.

If you intend to use the Powerbreather and listening to music, I can only suggest to use an MP3 player like Aftershokz Xtrainerz (or Sony Walkman) that have wrap-around headband, which don’t interfere with the Powerbreather tubes on the sides.

My Conclusion.

Since I got the Powerbreather on June, 30th 2019 (when my weight was just less the 89kg), I’ve been swimming with Powerbreather at least 6/7 times per week, 38 to 48 minutes, mostly freestyle and with a moderate effort (my heart-rate is around 95/110 bpm).

My goal is to lose at least 17 kg. With Powerbreather I’m easily swimming 90 to 100 laps in my 20m gym pool without being much tired; in fact, I also cycle to work, therefore I cycle back home for approximately 20 minutes (6 km on semi flat land) after my swim workout.

So far, I managed to lose just over 10kg (on 14th of September 2019, my weight was 78.5 Kg), most of my clothes are getting wider. And looking in retrospect, I achieved it relatively easily.

I am just swimming every single day without over exceeding, eating better and less.

“If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, I urge you to get involved with swimming, and with Powerbreather, not only will you achieve this, but I guarantee that you will love swimming to the point of becoming addicted.”

Otherwise, if your goal is to swim more frequently to keep in shape or improve your technique, using the Powerbreather, since your head stays even, you will easily increase focus on your body position, your hips and your hand entry in water.

I love swimming like never before, that’s why I decided to invest the money into the rest of the equipment which perfectly complements the Powerbreather (Mask, Mp3, Fins, Bag and Watch tracker).

I am also swimming a few times a month in the London Aquatic Centre, where Michael Phelps won many Olympics Medals in 2012.

I’m not afraid of swimming in an Olympic 50m pool; I gained good confidence with the water and I can now make it to the other side, withing less then 50″, without the heavy breath or my heart beating faster.

In fact, I am doing little more than 50 laps or 2500 meters within the hour I usually book.

Thanks to Powerbreather, the results on my body are so evident.

My motivation is really high, I am cycling to work daily since July 23, 2019 (although is only 6 km away) instead of using my motorbike, which is now happily parked in a garage.

I play basketball on my own during the weekend for at least 1h to add some real sweating and a bit of jumping, and I watch carefully what I eat in the evening to be ready for my next day swim.

Between all swimming gears I own, Powerbreather is absolutely Number 1 and I cannot swim without it anymore.

I am also experimenting, at the end of my sessions, to swim without any equipment (just the mask and ear caps): what I am seeing is that I am starting to develop a decent power in my strokes, my legs aren’t sinking anymore and I get to catch breath and swim much easier.

Powerbreather is definitely helping me to improve my overall swimming approach.

Powerbreather is by far, between those gears I am extremely delighted to have bought and it’s absolutely worth the money.

After over 60 workouts with Powerbreather I feel that I’ve gained confidence in the water.

Going forward, I hardly see myself swimming without it. After all, I am 38 years old, and I don’t have any plans to become a professional or a triathlete.

I am just some guy that needs to keep exercising in order to keep in shape, and swimming is the sport that is seriously helping me achieve that goal.

Some friends told me that I am cheating on swimming: well, eventually I am :), but my goal, again, is to lose weight and thanks to Powerbreather, I’m finally achieving it and I can’t be more than happy.

I used the Powerbreather in open water on Grace Bay beach, in Turks & Caicos (Caribbean sea, Mid July 2019) where I had at least a 30 minutes daily swim (some days even two). The overall experience was absolutely amazing.

I also had my longest swim ever: I swam for just over 5 km in total (2.5km on both ways, a two hours swim with few breaks).

Although the sea was very flat for most of the time while swimming at 50 meters from the shore, I always used the longer speed vents with flip caps; I have enjoyed a lot swimming on the sea as no water was going in the tubes.

The water was crystal clear, with a terrific visibility and during my swims; I was seeing various Ray fishes moving at the bottom (approx 5 meters deep) and other smaller fishes, beside the white sand.

Clearly, swimming in such a conditions is by default really nice, but with Powerbreather it becomes even more amazing and I still perfectly remember those ten days.

To swim in the ocean, beside Powerbreather I also used: Cressi scuba mask, Cressi Rash guard t-shirt with short sleeves UPF 50+, Speedo Powerform jammers, Aquasphere fins, Tagvo aquatic gloves, and a buoy to be visible to the boats).

I swam without music, as at that time I didn’t discover the Aftershokz Xtrainerz Mp3 yet, so I just enjoyed the gentle sound of the waves, and it was definitely relaxing).

Again, what an experience I want to remake hopefully next year.

I am also coaching myself with free videos from Youtube because at this stage, and I am also strongly motivated to improve my technique.

I get quite jealous when I see those guys or girls swimming like pros, and I strongly feel convinced that I can at least try to achieve that.

Finally, and here I am speaking to the less young people, Powerbreather is the answer to those ones that suffer of neck problem but which are swim lovers.

Good news, you will never be turning your head again to catch breath during your strokes, and you will only pause when you really decide to.

With Powerbreather you will be definitely swimming more then without.

If you want to lose weight swimming, get your Powerbreather as soon as possible.

If you want to save a bit, start buying the Powerbreather Sport edition (79£, which comes with just the shorter speed vents), and you can always buy the attachments separately, which are also available in different colors (blue, pink, grey) as well you can replace the mouthpiece (soft or regular for 9.99£).

All Powerbreather edition, Wave, Sport, Adventure and Snorkel,  provide the same identical Powerbreather body.

You can chose the color of the body, speed vents and caps from blue, pink. Grey only Adventure edition.

I hope my review and my story can motivate anybody that are in similar situation (carrying 20/30% extra weight for far too many years and struggling to lose it). Swimming with Powerbreather will definitely help.

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Get it on Amazon or Ameo site
€ 124.00 / £ 109.00 / $ 149.99

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