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Speedo Fastskin review of Hand Paddles

Designed with Speedo’s world-class athletes, the Speedo Fastskin hand paddle is the ultimate training aid.

The paddle creates water resistance so your arms have to work harder and faster, improving your muscle tone and stroke. Comfortable to wear, the aid has been ergonomically designed to give swimmers a secure fit in the water for the perfect stroke.

Secure fit – Fabric: PP/TPR.  Secure fit for an optimal stroke, they help to improve technique and power.

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My Conclusion: I usually use these hand paddle for 20/30% of my swimming session, usually towards the end, when my muscles are greatly warm and more powerful. I didn’t try any other type of hand paddle to be completely honest, so I cannot say if they are better or worst than others. I personally liked these hand paddles: your hands slip into them and are in cased. It feels like wearing tight plastic gloves, or like an extension of my hand. I just keep my thumbs out of the paddles, and this is helping me to improve the entry of my hands in the water.

I’ve been using them since the last 40 swim sessions now, it took me a bit of time to get the confidence of them but at this point,  I can only say that I really enjoy using them, particularly on freestyle. I don’t particular like to swim breaststroke but they can be definitely used for that too.

When I swim with the Fastskin hand paddle, I feel my muscles are definitely working harder and want to swim even faster. The amount of water you can move is quite significant: with a couple of strokes you literally do 2 or 3 meters.

The only minus of these, is that, since your hands are cased in, you cannot do anything else once they are on, therefore you must stop and remove both of them before ajusting your mask or switch song on your MP3 player ,etc. To full enjoy the experience of swimming with Speedo Fastskin hand paddles, I would suggest to make sure your mask or goggle are free of water and not fogged, your watch is tracking, your favourite songs are next and your line is free, so you will not stop for your 20 or 30 fastest laps.

So far I haven’t seen anybody owning or swimming with these, but the few guys that asked me to try them seemed to be impressed. Sometimes I do few more laps  without  after I used them, and the feeling is quite weird (it feels like you are going really slow), that’s why I just use towards the end of my workout. Personally, I would recommend them if you are looking to push your muscles and swim really fast. I wouldn’t swim an entire session with them, but I am happy to allocated a maximum of 30% of the time of my swim.

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