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Speedo Powerform Jammers review, swim with a better body position and good compression

Built for training, this jammer offers 360 degree compression to enhance your muscle awareness and promote a better body position in the water, helping you to swim faster for longer.

The engineered V cut construction provides added comfort and security, whilst the sleek design offers ultimate freedom of movement. This jammer is chlorine resistant for long lasting colour and fit. Made from Powerflex+ fabric.

Keeping a good body position during your swim is important to get the most out of it. Speedo has collaborated with top swimmers, coaches and sports scientists to learn how what you wear in the water can help you to improve your body positioning.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Body positioning swimwear
  • 360 degree compression enhances muscle awareness and promotes better body positioning
  • Engineered V Cut construction provides added comfort and security
  • Low profile waistband with internal drawcord for comfort and security
  • Performance fabric is lightweight and maintains its shape and elasticity in the pool
  • Higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics with CREORA HighClo
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

Implementing the technology and design featured in the Speedo elite Fastskin LZR Racer X racing suit, Speedo’s body positioning swimwear helps you activate your core muscles to keep them tight, holding your body in the right position. Internal lightweight compression panels bring your focus towards your core muscles, ensuring that you position your body more effectively during your swim. This allows you to keep a horizontal swim position for longer, reducing friction drag and saving energy, so you cut through the water faster.

My Conclusion: the Speedo Powerform jammers are definitely a requirement for any male swimmers. If you are not a big fan of swim briefs, this jammers provide a compression that works quite well, although I am not an expert in regards to how they actually impact the performance or recovery.

I own them since April 2018, but I didn’t swim much until June 2019. I started to wear them with a 89 kg weight (consider that my ideal weight should be around 72 kg), so clearly I had extra fat on both legs and belly. I am still happy with the compression they are offering, even though right now (mid September 2019) I have lost 10 kg, and I can visibly see that, particularly on my jeans (which they are already very wide).

Beside the compression, that anyway, still does the job, they are very easy to dry, after I wash them with fresh water. I usually dry them within 10 seconds in the dryer drum and the water is gone completely (compared to a regular swim short). Since I am swimming daily, after my session I place them on the side mesh pocket of my Arena Fastpack 2.2 to breath and dry completely for the next day.

They are definitely very well built and seems to be quite resistant to the chlorine too. Also, they are still in perfect condition considering that I used them daily swimming in the sea for 40 minutes during 10 days.

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Get it on Amazon
£ 26.95 – £37.76 (select Size)

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