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Tagvo – Review of Aquatic Neoprene Gloves

These webbed gloves developed by Tagvo, provide a moderate increased water resistance and are very useful for an upper body workout in the pool, and help tone and strengthen muscles with increased propulsion through the water.

They cover the entire hand and wrist; the last phalanges of the fingers are out to make them more flexible and breathable. They ares are easy to get on and off, with adjustable wrist strap to keep it from falling off in water. Made from neoprene and Lycra materials, are comfortable and  very well built, with good stitching; no fading.

Available in 3 sizes: S (for women with small hands & children, M ( for women and men with average-sized hands), L (for men).

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My Conclusion: I bought these gloves for two reasons: to have an alternative to the hand paddles and to swim in the sea (as I planned to swim long distances). During my holiday, I swam once for over 5 km and they were a great help to swim a bit faster in the sea and provided a gprotection from the sun.

My hands are smaller when compared to other men’s, and size M fits perfectly; the Velcro strap is strong and perfectly comfortable. These gloves cover my entire wrist, therefore if I want to track my swim with Swimmo watch, I have to wear the gloves first and then the watch goes on top of the left glove and it’s not a big deal.

If you swim with Tagvo gloves, you can certainly feel that your arms are working a bit harder and surely you go faster, so you can shave some minutes off your session.

I use them once every 6 sessions, so I make sure they are perfectly dry; I never use them wet from the previous sessions. The Velcro seems to be holding steady so far. I am happy with them, you can feel they are made with good quality material.

Although they help to increase water resistance, the amount of strength you can generate cannot be minimally compared to any hand paddles.

Finally remember, because they are made from 100% neoprene material, there will be a bit of a chemical smell to it. The odour will be gone after exposing them several times to open air; otherwise wash them few times before the first usage.

For people with some disabilities (i.e can’t keep fingers together) these gloves can definitely be a great help.

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Get it on Amazon
£ 5.99 – £ 6.99 (select size S,M,L)

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